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What we do

We offer support to individuals and teams operating in increasingly complex environments, helping them to find solutions to the many challenges of business life.

Whilst providing fresh insight and knowledge to develop the wisdom that delivers tangible results, we help you learn from your experiences and celebrate your successes.

What we do. Custormer Experience, Employee Experience, Digital Experience
  • Personal development

    New challenges come in all shapes and sizes, some we go looking for and others arrive without warning. The key to success is to identify areas where you need to build knowledge or experience. We can help with that but also go one step further by helping you to identify the relevant knowledge circles.

    Challenges could be understanding different perspectives, behaviours and personalities driven by historical events, or attitudes that can be difficult to interpret. Our across industry background can help you find the answers you need, and introduce you to methods of unpicking these situations in the future.

    Looking for an opportunity to work in a new environment includes the proactive element of your skills, capabilities and experience. We can help with an accurate self assessment that will frequently include strengths you may not be aware you have. This awareness, not only makes you a stronger candidate for new opportunities, but adds to your confidence to succeed in a new role.

  • Customer and employee experience development

    Customer and employee experience has developed considerably over the last twenty years, across a wide variety of different functions, roles and responsibilities, but more recently there has been a spotlight on the need to prioritise employee welfare. And we have yet to see how the new working environment will settle. Inevitably there will be more times of uncertainty, bringing new challenges, particularly for those working in people focused disciplines.

    The dynamics of balancing seemingly opposing priorities can lead to huge pressure, resulting in wellbeing being an issue for you and your team. This is an area where we have many years of experience. We can help you to understand the dynamics, design solutions and build the influence strategy you need to be successful.

  • Business led change

    Business change is constant. Products and services continually evolve and technology changes the way we work. You may have been moved from a stable familiar environment and be facing the challenge of learning new skills, adapting to a new working environment and new people.

    Leaders will change, your team may have been re-configured and, even with good planning, difficult issues will come to the surface. It’s not unusual for top performing individuals to feel disappointment and frustration.

    Changes in mindset aren’t easy but we can provide you with the tools and support needed to adapt and flourish in a changed environment.

How we can help

We help you to assess the viability of achieving your desired outcome by utilising the resources and people available.

Enable you to ask the questions that will develop your understanding of what is happening and why.

Help you to Identify and scope the different components of the problem, how the people involved interact, and provide insight and experience to augment your existing knowledge.

Introduce systems and methods that can help you to develop practical solutions, and finalise an action plan that delivers your desired outcome.

We roll up our sleeves, sit down with you and work hand in glove together at every stage.

how we can help

In Practice

Support can be delivered effectively using your remote channel, with face to face meetings at key points. Engagements vary from weekly one to one sessions for an hour, to full days with your team over an extended period as necessary.

“Working with Carl has helped me enormously. I am now able to take a more holistic view of my situation at work and life in general.

Now, recognising and deploying my strengths more effectively, I am better equipped to adapt and deal with challenges.”

Anthony Gribbon, LV=

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“The use of the term ‘conversation’ is highly appropriate (and probably not selected by chance) and nicely summarises the time spent with Carl, where things like conclusions, next steps, way ahead or recommendation are also notably absent. Our conversations always include comments sufficiently loaded with insight and meaning to revolutionise my thinking and understanding of difficult situations. I am able to refine my thoughts so that I have a significantly more mature and rounded argument to deliver to colleagues.”

Steve Lawrence, Airbus Defence and Space

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